Saturday, November 28, 2009

Instant Messaging for Dental Offices

This post could also be titled software based communicators for dental offices.  BlueNote Communicator is the leader in software based instant messaging for dental offices.  This program replaces the annoying beeps, lights, and yelling across the office.  There are many time saving features with this software including the ability to customize shortcut notes for your particular office.  You can have it sit as a toolbar, minimized, or fully open on each PC.  The messages can pop up on the screen and then disappear after so many seconds, similar to the new email notifications in Outlook 2007.  It also has the ability to use custom sounds for each message if you want audible cues that a new message has arrived.  If you have computers at each location in your office, including offices and treatment rooms, then you should be using this software.  The cost is $895 for up to 80 computers (yes, that is eighty) and includes 1 year of email support, all upgrades and new versions.  Each year after that is $199 for support, upgrades, and versions.  We can help you get a 30-day free trial setup at your office.  We charge $215 to set it up and help you configure it initially for your office.  Great addition to your office and with the end of the year fast approaching now is the best time to get this rolled out in your office.

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