Saturday, November 28, 2009

Backup Assist new Rsync add-on

The backup software that we usually recommend is a product called Backup Assist.  It is stable and relatively inexpensive.  They have a few add-ons, including one for backing up SQL databases and one for Exchange mailboxes plus others.  They have recently released an Rsync add-on for the latest version of the software.  Rsync is a solution that allows you to backup across the Internet to another computer.  What's the big deal you ask?  Why is it different from on-line backup?  You can use this backup to backup to another computer in another location.  You could install your practice management software and digital imaging software on this computer.  You could back up each night to this remote computer and use it as an emergency server if the server in your office crashes.  You could go get the remote PC and be up in running with the previous night data in minutes, if not a few hours, depending on the location of the remote PC. 

There are definitely security concerns with this solution.  Do not use your teenage daughter or son's PC as the remote PC.  Make sure the remote PC is password protected and is in a secure location. 

Remember, you are putting personal information on the remote PC.  If setup correctly, the additional cost of $150 on top of the cost for the Backup Assist software ($249), you can use the same software for local backups to USB drives and a remote, off-site backup solution.  Oh, the possibilities...

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