Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why is online backup a better solution?

Patriot Networks offers an online backup to our clients.  The reason for the new service is that we have discovered over time that most clients do not change the tapes daily and/or do not check the backup logs on a daily basis to make sure the backup is running OK.  Also, very few clients take the tapes off-site and rotate them back in to the office on a daily basis.

Our online service addresses all three of these issues.  There are no tapes to change on a daily basis.  We check the logs daily to make sure the backup ran successfully.  The backups are stored in a remote, secure location at a facility with an additional backup to another facility.

The cost to backup the practice management software data (not digital x-rays or digital images) is $1.30 per day.  That is less than the price of a medium coffee.  It can get more expensive if you want to backup digital x-rays and digital images.  Some offices pay $300 to $400 a month for online backup, but they have a lot of data and rely heavily on their computer systems so the cost of potential downtime is lot more expensive to them.

Some offices will both an in-office backup (tape or USB drive) and also an online backup service.  If you have ever lost your data due to a system or disk failure, you realize how expensive and disruptive this can be to your practice.

Please call me at 508-624-9898 or email at if you would like more information on our online backup service.

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