Saturday, November 28, 2009 for remote access

I have been using for over 4 years now and don't know how I could be as effective with out it.  They have a free version as well as paid versions.  The free version allows you to do everything as the paid except for remote printing and remote copying.  The program allows you to connect in remotely from basically any Internet connection with Internet Explorer and control the remote PC.  It is like you are sitting in front of that computer.  I have used this program to fix issues remotely from England, Spain, and Aruba.  They also now have an application for the iPhone.  I have not tried this out yet, but will within the next month or two and I will provide a review here.  If you want to be able to look at your office PC from almost anywhere in the world, is definitely worth a look (not just because it is free).  Of course, this also means you have no excuses for not being able to be productive from many locations.

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